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Burgundy they/them, custom PAN in the pansexual flag colors with the pansexual symbol, and custom ?????? hat!

Two amazing color schemes from a batch of three they/them hats I just shipped out (I forgot to take pictures of the other one, but it was awesome too, trust me!!)

Cozies By Elliott is currently closed while I finish up the current batch of orders!

Thank you all so much for your business and patience! I will be opening back up and accepting new orders before you know it!

Two orders I shipped out today — greyscale they/them and custom pansexual hat in the pan pride colors! I had so much fun with both of these!

Hey Elliott! I've been wanting one of your hats for a while and I would love to purchase one now to help you out!! I know you've made a lot of designs in the past, do you have any that say 'rad'? Actually, are there any other patterns you have besides the ones listed in your post? Thanks!!


hi!! thank you so much!! im gonna publish this if you don’t mind because i havent done a list of all my patterns in a while

I don’t have a rad one yet no! heres a list of all the ones i’ve written.

(note: all the patterns listed have a row of hearts above and below the words and the “ace” one has skulls between the words. i can substitute the hearts for other designs (a solid horizontal stripe, diagonal stripes, zigzags, etc. by request, no extra charge) but i unfortunately cannot substitute the skulls in for the hearts due to their size (ive tried scaling them down but it just doesn’t work))

pronouns: they/them, he/him, she/her, ze/zir, ze/hir, fae/faer, it/its/itself (i can also mix and match pronouns for a hat free of charge, for example i’ve done he/they in the past

mogii: queer!, bisexual babe, gay, ace

misc: punk, hey!, sorry, go away, girl, boy

i have a bunch of half-finished patterns in my graphing notebook i’ll list too in case anyone’s interested (i’d complete them for free and obviously send pictures to anyone who’s interested once they’re done)

werewolf, space babe, lesbian, pan (similar to the ace pattern in that it has the skulls on either side) 

reblogging this to my craft blog! any patterns that aren’t up on my etsy that you see here are available by request.

There’s a chill in the air… Commercials for back-to-school sales are all you see when you’re watching TV… Sweaters and mittens and pumpkin spice flavor syrup at Starbucks are looming, so close, yet seemingly so far…

You might be sitting in your brand new dorm room wondering “How will I ever be able to find any other honey nut queerios on campus?” My friend…. look no further.

It’s the perfect time to order one of my amazing hand-knit hats! Hats emblazoned with such relatable content as “GAY” “QUEER!” “ACE” (not pictured, but available) “BISEXUAL BABE” (not listed on Etsy, but available by request) as well as hats with pretty much any pronoun set you could need (if yours aren’t listed on etsy, message me! I have patterns written up for several sets of pronouns but I’m always open to writing more).

ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!! Including completely custom orders — get a brand new pattern written out to your exact specifications and a one-of-a-kind item made in the colors of your choosing for only $30.

Message me on Etsy for more details or with any questions!

Custom they/them hat!!! Props to non-binary beanie enthusiasts from Australia for making sure I get to keep knitting winter hats through August.

Two custom queer bracelets I just finished up!

Two custom queer bracelets I just finished up!


Thanks Elliot for these bracelets!!!
now I don’t have to introduce myself as a nervous punk, people will just KNOW


Thanks Elliot for these bracelets!!!

now I don’t have to introduce myself as a nervous punk, people will just KNOW

also while i’m crankin out these bracelets — if you want one but none of the ones I’ve made are speaking your language send me a message with what you want and i’ll make it! itll be done in like half an hour! they work best with under 10 letter beads total for optimal readability